Who We Are

The Passion Behind The Business

Marvella Creations is a family founded business which started in 2016. Our initial idea was to make soap for our household due to us noticing the price of handmade soap rising while the bars were starting to shrink. 

We produce the highest quality handmade products in small batches. Pamper yourself with our amazing products. Healthy ingredients are one of our top priorities but it doesn't stop there.



I started this business with one thing in mind healthy skin care and self healing. Marvella Creations began in 2016 with just one thought, "I want to make soap" I believe in providing products that are healthy, junk free and chemical free without breaking the bank. We know that scent is an intimate expression of memories and relationships. The connections we make with scent are lasting and strong because they come from deep within. I wanted to provide products where we can connect mentally. I firmly believe what is good for the earth is good for us. Visit my Youtube page for more insight about who I am. 



Sannya is the face behind all our lip products as well as our body butters. Sannya has formulated many recipes for our lip collection line, that not only provides a high gloss shine but also moisturize your lips without leaving a sticky residue behind. Our lipgloss contain moisturizing oils and nutrients like avocado, almond oil, castor oil and vitamin E that offer serious skincare without the stickiness. 

How many times have you worn lipgloss and your lips feel dry after or you have that heavy goes feeling after application ?